Phoenix bios MXM structure

Hey everyone.

I have an Acer 5620g with a corrupt MXM structure that i need to get replaced in order to get a 9600m gt card to work properly. What i’m trying to do here is basically what a guy nicknamed .NetRoller 3D did in the this tread:…600m-gt-21.html . Unfortunately all the links are down there and he is nowhere to be found. I’ve tried to do it myself but I’m afraid that it’s out of reach for me with my limited programming skills. Any help with this would be very much appreciated though.

(BIOS rom-file to be modded attached)

Tanks beforehand.


Extensa 5620G BIOSv1.35 MOD.rar (876 KB)

Hello tobbe,

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Unfortunately I cannot help you myself, but I hope, that an experienced Phoenix BIOS modifier will do a look into this thread.


I can’t really help either, but did you also think of contacting (pm) everyone there using the same 5620g board as you? I mean if ppl didn’t subscribe to a thread and aren’t active there anymore they won’t get any notice but if they didn’t remove the acc. and change def. settings normally they get informed by mail after getting a pm.