Phoenix Bios

Hey there!

Is there anyone who knows who can unlock the advanced BIOS menu or edit an nvram variable in a Phoenix BIOS (Lenovo X1 Carbon)?
Or knows where can I look for them?
I went to biosmods but there I don’t seem to get a response for more than 2 weeks from now, and the only one who seemed to be active on that thread seems to be inactive for more than 3 years now.
I can’t seem to get anyone who can tell me how can I unlock it.
Someone mentioned that there is one guy in this forum who knows Phoenix UEFIs but I was not able to find him.


@randoomkiller :
AFAIK only andyp’s Phoenixtool (currently latest version: v2.73) is able to open and to modify Phoenix BIOSes. >Here< is the link to andyp’s MDL thread.