Phoenix UEFI - microcode adding and vbios


I was updated microcode on my Fujitsu AH531/GFO BIOS - the newest of SandyBridge. I was trying to add microcode for IvyBridge (306A9). Unfortunately error attached happend.

I would like to update vbios for Intel HD 4000 (IvyBridge) and update NVIDIA 525M to 550M. It is possible on this BIOS?



@siema_cotam - Overall answer here is, your chipset is the reason you cannot use Ivy CPU on this system, not the BIOS. HM65 does not support Ivy bridge, with few embedded exceptions
You can ask for help on this to see if it’s possible to modify your BIOS for Ivy over at forum, but I’m pretty sure you are out of luck on this model. Deathbringer over at BIOS-mods will be able to tell you for sure.

1. Generally speaking, to update SB BIOS for Ivy, you need larger BIOS chip often, due to you have to usually (not always) update ME FW to ME8 from ME7, and that needs to be done usually by manufacturer due to many other modules also need updated at same time that we can’t do in same manner.
What size is your actual BIOS chip? Please find it, and give me the ID printed on it.

2. Intel vBIOS, maybe. Nvidia, probably not, unless you have full BIOS dump from this exact system that was originally sold with the 550M GPU.
If this model sold with either one, and uses the same BIOS, then it’s already in the BIOS, if not then vBIOS is not used from BIOS but stored on chip on card itself.

@Lost_N_BIOS - I putted i7-3632QM (the most powerful IvyBridge with TDP 35W). Unfortunately my laptop doesnt start up - black screen only.

You are totally right about IvyBridge on HM65. Unfortunatelly.

I have to choice what is more powerful: i7-2640M or i7-2820QM.

And Im looking for vbios update. Thanku you.

Yes, I expected that as my first sentence above explains You’ll have to find best Sandy and one that has ideal TDP for your systems cooling ability

I can update your vBIOS for you maybe (the Intel one for CPU GFX), but this doesn’t really ever help or improve/change anything, unless you are having display issues to begin with.
Link me to the stock BIOS from Fujistu (their download link if possible please). Then I will see if I can update vBIOS for you

I attached .zip archive with two files:
- .bak which is backup version where microcodes for SandyBridge are updated to newest;
- .WPH is original BIOS file.

There is original BIOS on Fujitsu website:…7E-FDAEF90247E8

The Intel VBIOS is 2104 now. The newest is probably 2170.
The NVIDIA VBIOS is People mods this NVidia GT525 to 550M and/or 540M. My AC Adapter is 100W (original was 80W).

Could you updated this intel vbios or tell me how to do? I think to update nvidia vbios to 550M or 540MI have to use nvflash.

Regards (1.48 MB)

OK, before I update anything, which file/version of file, can you flash after it’s been modified? So I edit the correct file you can use. Can you use the .bak file to flash, if yes, have you modified that before and it flashed still OK?
Yes, I can update microcodes and vBIOS. vBIOS is done with Intel BMP, if you want to do yourself we have guide and files here - [Guide] Transfer of specific Intel OROM VBIOS and GOP VBT settings by using Intel BMP tool

NVFlash (vBIOS on this card in general) I would not do unless you remove the card and dump it’s vBIOS first, that way you can recover/put it back if your flash fails

I can use *.bak file and *.WPH but *.bak is better I think.

I was trying this hex method but I cant find corrent filename to extract. Im so noob…

Thanks, but you didn’t answer rest of my question >> have you modified that before and it flashed still OK? You mentioned SB microcodes are updated to latest, did you do that, and then flashed it, and it was OK and flashed in without issue?

Hex method for what? YOu can’t extract files in hex editor, you use other tools for that, I’d mention some but I’m not sure what you are referring to when you mentioned this.

I flashed with updated microcodes and all is ok.

Here, updated remaining 2 microcodes, please wait on vBIOS I had to ask someone how their update went from super old rom to latest, as some things need removed and Intel PDF’s for this info are no longer available.

* Edit - have info/Change log PDF’s required, and will do the vBIOS for you tonight!

Thank you. I was trying to update via UEFI Winflash but unsucessful. On VBIOS update probalby the same problem.

Edit: I was trying by command prompt WinFlash.exe update.BAK /sv /svs but still error happend, tried WinFlash.exe update.BAK /sv /svs /sp /sn /sm /sd /sa /v /p /mfg still doesnt update.

I thought you already knew how to flash in mod BIOS? That’s why I asked which BIOS file you were using, assumed you’d flash mod BIOS before.
What error do you get when you try the above shown GUI app at post one?

Thats attached error. I thought that command prompt is enough.


Thanks. You can try the following, one at a time, then all together if necessary

Winflash.exe filename.bak /sa

Winflash.exe filename.bak /sa /force

Show error, if any, when using above

No errors. WinFlash closing without command. When Im taking backup on UEFI Tool microcodes arent updated.

Can someone upload bios mod file please in .bin .rom or .wph file? thanks

@siema_cotam - sounds like it’s not flashing, that’s why I asked to see the errors. What do you mean close without command?

@Sober - You need to be a lot more specific