Phrasing of "except X79" is confusing

Hi Fernando,

Firstly, thank you so much for providing this amazing forum with incredibly helpful and up-to-date information!

There is just one thing that is confusing in many of your posts, including the main thread(s) like “Intel’s RST/RST(e) AHCI/RAID Drivers and RST Console Software.” (I have an Asus Rampage IV Extreme, which is an X79 motherboard, with Win7 installed under UEFI on RAID0 array.) After reading and many places, I do realize that my installation on this board can use the newest RST(e) drivers, like version 13.x and not just the X79-specific RSTe “Enterprise” versions. But…

When you use the phrase “except X79” it implies that the X79 chipset is NOT compatible with the drivers you are referencing. For example: When you write “They are suitable for AHCI systems from 5-Series up and for RAID systems from ICH8R/M up except X79.” the word “except” implies X79 will not work, when in fact I believe you mean to indicate the driver compatibility will include X79.

I realize most visitors are probably already quite familiar with the RST compatibility already, but (new, less informed) people will probably just go straight to your main, updated thread for links to the versions of the drivers. It might be helpful to make it more clear on that page (as you have in other posts replying to users’ questions,) that the X79 is a special exception to the general rules, and it can use either non-enterprise RST(e) or enterprise RSTe drivers.

Thanks again, and I hope this suggestion might lead to less uncertainty when it comes to owners of X79 boards looking for the right (compatible) drivers. Cheers!

@ Howie:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thanks for your contribution!

You are right - my words "except X79" may be misleading, because users wth an X79 chipset RAID system may think, that these drivers are not usable for them.
What I wanted to say is, that "Intel(R) C600 Chipset Series SATA RAID Controllers" with the DeviceID DEV_2826 are not supported by the original drivers. Fortunately this is not a big problem for X79 chipset RAID users, who have the possibility to switch the onboad Intel RSTe SATA RAID Controller (DEV_2826) by a BIOS setting to an Intel RST SATA RAID Controller (DEV_2822), because DEV_2822 RAID Controllers are supported by the drivers.
As a consequence I will customize the related text within the start post.
Thanks for the remark!