Pissed Off With MSI GS66 11UE Intel 11Th Gen Laptop

Ok i paid £1,400 for this laptop (1,570 US Dollars) and the stupid thing has an issue that i have not been able to resolve.

Youtube/System Audio Pops/crackles and audio even slows down on a regular basis, making this laptop not fit for the purpose that i bought it for (Music Production)

Ive also tried 3 different BIOS revisions with exactly the same results.

Ive tried The onboard sound and 2 different USB 3.0 ASIO mixers, all soundcards are acting the same, it happens very randomly too, sometimes after a minute of switching the laptop on, sometimes after half an hour.

LatencyMon reports mega high ACPI.SYS latencies, don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it, but its driving me nuts. A laptop with high specifications like this shouldnt be having any audio issues, its a Tiger Lake 11Th gen cpu with 32GB ram and RTX 3060, Ive had to revert back to my Ryzen 2700X PC until i figure out what the hells up with it. BTW ill NEVER part with my 2700X as it natively supports widows7 and not this shitshow of an OS thats called Windows10

Please if anyone out there could possibly give me some tips on how to sort this annoying problem i would be eternally grateful


Wish I could help but I just came here to say, windows 7 for life

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Seeing the model support page, Intel MVA Driver, Realtek Audio Driver, Nahimic Driver and Intel Smart Sound Technology driver… with all this almost sure one of them is buggy and pissing you off, why not remove all them clear the remains audio related with DriverStoreExplorer, and start testing one by one…RLT as first…just an ideia that i would try.


Hello Meatwar

Yea, ive had a go at doing that, the amount of services these drivers run in the background is just shambolic. And the UEFI in this laptop is horrendous, even trying to do simple tasks like switching off the onboard LAN seems impossible without first learning what all the Intel Jargon means, everything’s very cryptic.

The last track i produced i did on my Ryzen 2700X system,

SYNTHEMATIX - West Coast - YouTube

so far this has been the only computer to not give me any problems with High Quality audio, im avoiding Intel stuff like the plague in future i will be buying AMD laptops, this MSI has given me nothing but problems, but it aint MSI’s fault its Intels, their latest CPU’s have got more bugs than in Madonnas knickers. Lesson learned never again!

If even YouTube had audio stutters you probably got a defective laptop since regular audio playback Iike that doesn’t even need the best DPC latency. What results did you get from LatencyMon.

I did have an issue of ACPI causing DPC latency spikes on a laptop but it was only 100 and not noticeable unless you looked at LatencyMon

MSI madness :smiley: ,.,try EC reset - 30s small button on cover / no AC / fully shutdown or ADMIN mode in BIOS - F2 + Lalt + Rctrl + Rshift “for unlock ADVANCED TAB - PCH-IO and here is SOUND”

Releases · pal1000/Realtek-UAD-generic · GitHub
try complete remove NAHIMIC shit :stuck_out_tongue: “DDU” and this drivers…

and CMOS reset - "device running + 45S power button "

try sending this
**CMD **
powercfg -energy
this create small log - c/user/user name/here
and EVENT VIEWER - send file .,.and check your DEVICE MANGER “for missing devices or errors”
but this problem exist on lot new MSI “old MSI work here better - my GT75 has minimum latency in LatencyMon ,.,.windows version not affect this problem - drivers / EC / cpu setup”

HWINFO - SENSOR "system statistic ,.,.and HWINFO - MAIN - motheboard - ACPI DEVICES “here is all what must works fullly” - find correct drivers for this devices !

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this is GS66/76 11TH :frowning: ,.,yours device look similar ?

That’s really bad never seen above 100-200 spike even on laptops

lot MSI have LOT absurd problems :sweat_smile:

problem is this screenshot is from review “device in fully defaults” :confused: it’s possible that it can’t even be fixed.

Its even worse mate, absolutely horrid, over 5,500

Right, sorted (hopefully)

You wont believe what the “fix” was


After a fresh install ALL drivers relating to the chipset, sound and crap loads of intel drivers MUST be installed, and i mean every one of them, including NAHIMIC, REALTEK AUDIO CONSOLE, RTK DRIVER, STEELSERIES GG, if any one of them is missing the DPC latency goes through the roof.

After poking around in the registry i noticed something that was very disturbing, if any one of these bloatwares is not installed then the sound will fuck up big time, i mean to the point the sound actually slows down/loses sync, so every bit of software talk to eachother as far as multimedia is concerned, whoever thought that this was a good idea needs putting on the firing line and shooting with an ak47.

Its nothing to do with the soundcard as such because it was even happening on my very expensive ASIO USB mixer, so from a fresh install, make sure you temporarily disable the windows update service.

Nice one microsoft, yet again you fail by installing corrupt chipset drivers, WHQL means NOTHING today.

After all the drivers are installed from the MSI website, then run windows update, under “optional updates” theres a driver from Intel that fixes any future sound issues, also i will add if you dont install the MSI FIRMWARE update (nothing to do with the uefi) then device manager uses some crappy default microsoft firmware driver dated from 2006, which has big issues.

Without first updating the microsoft store NAHIMIC wont even install, this HAS to be installed as its sound bridging and mirroring software thats required, even the stupid STEELSERIES GG plays a big part in audio, everythings linked together in one steaming pile of shite.

The designers of the 11th gen laptop chipsets must have been high on crack to think this was a good idea, and i STILL cant find where to turn off the onboard LAN in the UEFI, is this some sort of cruel joke or something? cause i dont find it funny at all, these laptops are a mess.

As i say, im done with Intel, once ive finished with this laptop im getting a Ryzen one

disable onboard LAN :grimacing: i try check my MSI but think this not contains bios.
only in device manager or create device drivers block.

try check full bios
BIOS - F2 + Lalt + Rctrl + Rshift “for unlock ADVANCED TAB"

your complicated MSI - realtek UAD + nahimic 3 " APO4 11th "+ intel SST extension
but possible try unofficial “minimal” driver above ,.,.and for nahimic exist restore tool in official MSI audio drivers package. or need realtek FF03 - nahimic / UAD - winstore edition drivers

or try like me FF00 - “only realtek” no nahimic or similar bloatware ,also link above is latest drivers .p

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Ok at last I’ve found how to turn off the onboard LAN

Under PCH IO / PCI Express settings

By Disabling PCI Express Root Port 5

What a stupid layout this UEFI has

PCH-IO ? :smiley: ,.,.and reason for disable LAN ???
I remember one more problem with MSI and that WIFI does not work under full load :confused: “some models”

when you load cpu / gpu – try WIFI test “msi kombustor + web PING test”,.,.best is using LAN on this notebooks !

and drivers - killer/intel - 22-xx I think ,.,clean Intel works better "extension from Killer "LLC components " you no needs and create some problems.

AP select / sleep phone service / dynamic bandwidth / analytic service – recommended try disable
for me this sometimes kick CPU load

old clean tool
KillerSoftwareUninstaller.1.0.2020.0212.rar (44.6 KB)
last LLC
LLC “extension”

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Well i switched this laptop on this morning to finish a song im working on and the right CTRL key fell off and will not go back on, i contacted MSI and they said KEYS are NOT covered in the warranty and they linked me to a website to buy new ones at £3 each, what a fucking joke of a company.

The keyboard has hardly been used, as i mostly use an external Redragon Kumara RGB plugged in to it

Yea, under PCH-IO settings disabling Root Port 5 disables the onboard LAN


I disabled the onboard LAN so i don’t have to deal with it’s terrible drivers, also i have no use for it. I havent used a LAN port since the year 2000

I’m not really that impressed with this laptop, it has a 6GB RTX 3060, however the Radeon RX 5700XT in my Ryzen 2700X PC is faster, this laptop should on paper destroy the Ryzen but it doesn’t, nowhere near, it’s not a smooth runner at all, since i bought it I’ve had loads of problems with it like internet stutters, sound problems and random blue-screens for no reason. it just doesn’t feel snappy like my AMD computers either.

AMD have CPU designs down to an art now and they’ve got their transistors down to close to the size of an atom.

i can honestly say that i’m a firm believer that Intel are going to be a thing of the past soon for home users, their systems just seem primitive in comparison and feel sluggish with a ton of cpu instruction bugs, same goes for their memory frequencies especially on laptops with 11th gen, they’re stuck at 3200Mhz CAS 22, this is unbelievably slow for a PC from December 2021, even the Ryzen 1700x could comfortably run 3466 MHz CAS 14 ram, and this is a pc that’s well over 4 years older.

all notebooks not works well in defaults ,.,my GT75 in oem have also to many problems and not works well :smiley: ,.,.but now I am really satisfied for several years "but have lot mods :confused: "

RAM is possible max “GEAR 1” 16-16-16-36 3200mhz /16-18x-x ??
,.try use RAM training or from XMP “still from 1.35 Vdd” similar like MEMORY TRY IT

find compatible SPEC from XMP RAM or CUSTOM and put TIMING on OC TAB / SA DOMAINoc feature must be enable” customize SA TRAINING setup >SA DOMAIN “but is enabled by defaults”

RAM PROFILE >CUSTOM “this enable training” and put only target CL + TRCD - others items “0” / AUTO
,.,this is all :smiley:

3x reboot – finish new training and you get new faster timing - save profile in BIOS
or cmos reset ,.45s power button when run -this restore bios

GPU only AFTERBURNER “max OC offset + lock point under TDP” if is this still possible like old RTX
AFTERBURNNER - VOLTAGE CURVE - this is all “old RTX - 85C max”

CPU if you have option for disable i-gpu - disable this for more power source / less heat and try OC for CPU “max 90-94C …from older devices recommendation”

BATTERY + battery cycle / recharge ,.,.all time on AC and 90-100./. battery cycle “no wear level” for full power or EC FW only raising power limits. ,.on battery mode or low level battery this devices not works well !!

if you using notebook fully ?
,.at full load you will see that you are constantly drawing batteries even when charging from the AC adapter
small repair is lower cpu / gpu setup “voltage lock” ,in extreme usage - 10./. hour and after time more power limits or shutdown for long usage :confused: for this is best start from 90-100./. battery cycle.

full EDIT

send PM ,.,.here is compared only similar or identical mobo. If exist better device is possible using identical setup - get first place or repair bad components