Please help extract Fujitsu upgrade BIOS!

These problems have now been sorted!!

Looks like you can use Resource Hacker to extract the individual files, the BINDATA (contains setup.exe) and BINDATA2 (other files,) looks like 1st it shows the filename, 2nd is the file and 3rd what seems to be a offset.

Edit: so you will need to extract Update2.exe from main installer, then from this you extract with resource hacker Pack.exe (this is your 7zip SFX)

Here is the command the SFX runs to install your bios

RunProgram="H2OFFT-W.exe -sfx7z %%S execApp "

Thank you for your reply

@wosyuanxiao - I ran BIOS EXE, collected files in %TEMP%, BIOS is inside Update2.exe. With 7zip installed, right click Update2.exe, choose open archive w/ #, select all and extract to new folder (or only select WinExtractor.exe and extract this), that contains the actual BIOS and flashing package
Run WinExtractor.exe and again go to %TEMP%, BIOS file and flasher will be in “ExtactTemp” in the %TEMP% folder - here is package in case you can’t get it -…237062161294187

Original BIOS link here, since the OP edited all the initial info out -…937_VP_1.10.exe

@wosyuanxiao - I have moved this thread into the BIOS Guides and Problems section, since it had nothing to do with Intel ME section you originally posted in.