Please help me clear me bios and FD

Hi everyone,
My laptop is Fujitsu Lifebook A553/H, original CPU is celeron 1000M. When i tried replace Core I3, It got abnormal Fan speed and shutdown in 7 minute.
I think my bios is lock for new processor (I try more than 2 laptop and others CPU).

Edited: Thank lfb6 for figure out my problem.
I made pinmod and saved the dump

This is my fptw -i

fptw -i.PNG

After that, I used MEInject to replace old ME (I think I did right step on youtube)
I have new dump and cant flash new dump because I got Error 28:
Right now I really mess up because I dont know what is the step or what I should to do. Could anyone help me?

I got spi programing and flash new dump. But the problem still exist.
When I install ce 1000m. I see intel ME driver in device manager
When install another CPU, no IME driver in device manager.

Thank you for reading.

My original bios…iF2GVS63zjdVkQp

error 28.PNG

Update status.

Search for HM70 Chipset, there are several threads in this forum. Those are hardware restricted to non-core processors, see…ss-chipset.html