please help me clease ME bios lenovo T490


Please help me to Clear ME dumps bios lenovo T490

My dumps In attachments.

Thank you.

T490 GOC.part1.rar (5 MB)

T490 GOC.part2.rar (2.9 MB)

The CSME File System is corrupted beyond repair. You cannot clean it. You’ll need to find another SPI dump from the same model, clean that using the guide and then replace the broken (CS)ME/Engine region with the cleaned one using UEFITool (non-NE) > ME Region > Extract/Replace as is.

@plutomaniac thanks so much!
yes, maybe file SPI dump my laptop problem, i don’t have SPI dump good for laptop lenovo T490
you please give file
Mainboard: NM-B902 (cpu: 10th )

i upload info in attach

info t490.jpg

type t4900.jpg


hi plutomaniac
please help me. cleare ME. dump
now i have. SPI dump. read from laptop t490. work ok
i upload. in attach
thanks so much !

W25Q256JVXXQ(ISP)_20210403_53551.part1.rar (5 MB)

W25Q256JVXXQ(ISP)_20210403_53551.part2.rar (5 MB)

W25Q256JVXXQ(ISP)_20210403_53551.part3.rar (2.42 MB)

Hello plutomaniac

Please help me to Clear ME dumps bios lenovo t490

My dumps In attachments.

Thank you.

part 1.rar (5 MB)

part 2.rar (5 MB)

part 3.rar (2.42 MB)

hi guys!
i have laptop lenovo T490 problem with bios: Me not detect
every body can help me!

bios loi .jpg