Please help me trouble shoot my MSI X79a-gd45 NVME bios mod

@walnut215 - Great to hear all is well

@Lost_N_BIOS I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of anyone modding their bios to have an avx offset. My bios doesn’t have one, and given how I use my PC it would be helpful to have it.

@walnut215 - That is only possible if the BIOS has the setting in it, and they maybe unhide it or something. That or the crossflash/port BIOS from another board into their BIOS, which is rare and probably not something many people do all that often, especially not for simple BIOS settings.
Do you see someone mention MSI X79 board has it? If yes, which model, I will check it out for you and see if you can maybe crossflash.

@Lost_N_BIOS I know my board has some hidden settings. If I enter the click Bios 2 in windows there are additional power settings that I can’t access in regular bios, that I would like to. Using click bios in windows is not reliable even if I run it as an admin. There maybe even more settings completely hidden. How do you go about finding them?

I will look at other x79 boards. I’m also going to send Brian from techyescity (you tube channel) a message on facebook. He’s done a lot of videos on x79 and I know he has multiple mobos. His videos focus mostly on used parts. They are fun and informative, and if you have some free time might be worth a look.


@Lost_N_BIOS I just wanted to give you an update. I was looking to get an AVX offset because some of my work loads are AVX dependent, while gaming is less AVX dependent. I was trying to find a collection of setting that would lead to increased fps in games, but still be stable under a linpack work load. I think it’s going to be more efficient to just create two bios profiles, one for gaming and one for work.

Have you heard of anyone having issues because they switch profiles often?


@walnut215 -I happed to have the same motherboard as you would you be willing to share a copy of the modded bios you made?

@walnut215 - If the settings you want are in your BIOS, I can make them visible for you. Show me image of what you’re seeing in click BIOS in windows, then I will edit BIOS for you
If you want me to do this, link/upload the BIOS you want edited, unless you just want me to edit stock one, if stock let me know what version.

AVX Offset is not likely to be a BIOS setting, due to this is such an older model, AVX offset lowering was something introduced later on in more modern BIOS after AVX had been around for a while.
No, I’ve not heard of profile switching issues.

Hi, I also have this board and want your NVME modded UEFI file, do you even still have it?

@castrwilliam - What is your exact model?? Here is link to both NVME mod BIOS
X79A-GD45 (8D) - [Request] NVMe BIOS mod for MSI X79A-GD45 (8D)
X79A-GD45 - [Request] nvme bios mod for msi X79A-GD45

Do you have a nvme modded bios for x79a-gd45 plus (ms-7760)
I am using stock bios v17.8

I also need a NVME mod BIOS for MSI X79A-GD45 PLUS (ms-7760) motherboard
I am using stock bios v17.9
If someone could make a modded bios file, or point me in the right direction where one is already made, it would be greatly appreciated.
Not sure if the mod BIOS for the X79A-GD45 (8D) or the X79A-GD45 will work.


Do you found any mod to MSI x79A-GD45 Plus ?

For X79A-GD45 Plus (MS-7760) bios 1.79(H90) only.
Flashing using M-Flash, not OS environment.
User risk and choice only.

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worked, thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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please give me a link to the modified BIOS For X79A-GD45 Plus NVME

Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
Why don’t you search for the requested BIOS yourself?
The Forum has a very good “Search” option.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Still a user active link here: [Request] NVMe BIOS mod for MSI X79A-GD45 (8D) - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Requests - Win-Raid Forum (

EDIT: Sorry my bad, indeed its not for the PLUS.
Do yourself the mod, guide here: [[HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (](

Im not near a system and/or my files to share it again.

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thanks for the answer, but is this bios suitable for msi x79a-gd45 plus? The link says that this BIOS is for msi x79a-gd45 without a plus. I’m sorry if something is wrong, I’m writing through a translator because I don’t know English)


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