please help to extract the serial number,uuid ..etc. from my bricked old bios and insert it to working one?

I have HP 15-AB254SA which has a bricked bios. I have a working bios dump but the serial , uuid, …etc showed as missing. so I am hoping that someone help me to extract those identifiers from my bricked bios and insert it to my working bios dump file. I have attached both of the dumps…

thanks in advance…

Working_no_serial.rar (4.81 MB)

Bricked.rar (4.97 MB)

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I managed to find some staffs by looking at physical laptop labels. but I could not find UUID yet… any help will be appreciated so much…Thanks

Please provide all the sticker labels you found in images in a zip file, it will help me track down contents in the BIOS hopefully. Also, give me the working LAN MAC ID, if it’s working, sometimes it’s all in one file so this helps to check first. Run ipconfig /all from command prompt, if you weren’t sure how to get MAC

On the bricked BIOS at first glance I see one microcode entry is messed up in the FIT table and FIT table checksum is wrong, it’s also wrong checksum in working version too (but not messed up entry) so that’s not adding to the issue.
Did you attempt a microcode update/mod? If yes, let me know, and if you want I can go ahead and update them all for you on the final BIOS.

The working BIOS structure is not same as the bricked, which may be due to it being bricked, but I wanted to ask first, is the working BIOS the correct BIOS for your model system?

thanks a lot for the reply…
Actually, I have almost no history of the laptop but I am supposing the owner had either cut the power during bios update or mess up with the bios in some how…

the LAN MAC shows only zeros even in ipconfig… I have summed up all the information I could get in one text file the is attached… but I could not get the UUID yet. which also, I think, should contain the MAC as suffix. but it shows only zeros. I have putted the system in manufacture unlocked so that I was able to enter the information back in the bios. unfortunately, I still could not find the uuid and the MAC. I also have an unknown barcode that I scanned but did not have any indication to what it is…

Thanks, I will use that and see if I can find anything further, as of now one of those almost matches what I thought might be a serial too (S5 CD 54 23 H1 H), I may have grabbed one too many letters there with the S at start, so you may have correct serial.
I also found these as suspected variables of interest while digging around blindly, password sent to you in PM (Due to possible windows key in data I didn’t want to past or link unencrypted here) Once we’re sure I can set it all in BIOS. (878 Bytes)

Wow that was fantastic! and yes it was not exactly accurate for some but for the serial was very accurate.
The series family is X1BD instead of X1E. the product number also is contain match excluding no. 1 at the beginning and re-ordering some of its characters…

I could not find the mac address of the board but will use what you provided instead.
and will check the windows key too…

What I only knew from hp website is that they include the mac address in the UUID number. and usually the mac would be the last 12 digits from the UUID. I don’t know if that would help. but I do really appreciate all the work you done so far for me… thanks

I have an idea. I don’t know if it will work…
I will set a UUID in the bios and will back up that bios and sent it to you. in this case you will know the Created UUID and will need to figure out where it is store, I guess!. then you can check the same stored lines in the bricked bios to extract the real one.
if that would seem an acceptable idea then just let me know.


Wait, or go ahead, but I think I found the UUID if that MAC is correct -
UUID (MAC at end) 35 43 44 35 34 32 33 48 31 48 b0 5a da d7 d9 82
35 43 44 35 34 32 33 48 31 48 ( << Without MAC in hex >> String value) 5CD5423H1H + MAC = 5CD5423H1H B0 5A DA D7 D9 82

SO UUID could be 5CD5423H1HB05ADAD7D982 Or 35434435343233483148B05ADAD7D982
How many characters is UUID supposed to be?

I find that in BIOS, you said it’s (the 5CD5423H1H) serial, but I find that right connected with what I thought was MAC. So can UUID be the Serial+Mac in some BIOS possibly? Asus does it that way sometimes, but not always.

I also see this in there twice right below where serial is by itself (Not in the long string I mention above + MAC)
PFLFR028J9K2QX - maybe that is some UUID or other value we needed?

I see it all in this order, starting at 006ae000 in hex. Serial by itself, MAC Next, then the number above twice at two separate lines, then the UUID I suspected above, followed by “Product” value you noted and then HP Pavillon notebook.
All tight in same close chunk, look in hex you will see, or here is image in case you don’t know how to use hex easily


thanks a lot.
with regard to the number of digits the UUID uses, I would certainly go with 35434435343233483148B05ADAD7D982. it is exactly 32 digits. while PFLFR028J9K2QX is exactly matches the CT number. now with the UUID you provided you have solved my issue. thanks a trillion for your generous help. I do appreciate all the efforts you done to help me.

Great, and you are welcome! So can you get it from here now, or do you want me to redo all this in BIOS?

I am very glad to tell that all the information are now up in the bios and the laptop is working properly. thanks again for you great help…

Great to hear, and cool you were able to get it all inserted yourself too! Thanks for posting back w/ final update of success!