Please help with a Surface Pro 5 UEFI repair

I’ve bought a broken Surface Pro 5 with a cracked display, and after replacing the display the laptop flashes the Microsoft logo and then shuts off. I’ve talked with the seller and he told me that this happened after a bios update while he was still using the device with the broken screen. I also can’t go to the UEFI settings page and the tablet doesn’t show the charging indicator when I connect the charger even though the battery is charging. I’ve dumped the flash with my CH341A and got the attached file. I also got a supposedly ME cleared dump from the web, but I’m unsure if it’s good. My configuration is i5/256GB SSD/8GB RAM. I would greatly appreciate if someone please help me with this.

Here is the original BIOS dump.

Here is the BIOS dump from the web.

try this bios .No pass,and your serial. (5.23 MB)

Thanks for the help! Should I just flash this file in the CH341A app without erasing the chip? Or are there more steps involved? Sorry if I’m asking silly questions but it’s my first time messing with a bios.

You canerase it first . Make sure you verify after programming, if you have any problems try ASProgrammer software instead,its often better than the CH341A software…

Hi, I was wondering if you have a bios dump for Surface Laptop 1st gen. ser. 007503671457 to use with CH341A.

Hello, fellows, could you please suggest if there is a solution to my problem. My surface 5 got stuck on black/white logo and after flashing the bios with another dump my touchscreen stopped working. Is there a dump that I can use to reflash the bios so that the touchscreen will be enabled back?
Thank you very much for your help and considerations.

Will I have the touchpad working after flashing this non-native bois dump? I dont have a native dump unfortunately. Is there a way to resolve the touchscreen issue? Thanks!