Plextor M9PeG - How to update Windows Standard NVME Driver?

i’m running on Windows 10 LTSC, yesterday I put Plextor M9PeG and stornvme driver is 10.0.17763.1432, i saw on screenshots on this forum that users have newer this driver.

In manager device i have:

an i can’t find newer driver anywhere, i know it’s OS built-in driver, but i thought that i find newer driver on the internet using device ID.

@analyzer64 :
The only specific NVMe driver for the NVMe Controller of your Plextor SSD is offered by the Company Lite-On. You can find the matching driver within chapter E. of >this< Forum page, but the currently running Win10 in-box MS NVMe driver is much newer (shown date is wrong, the driver is as new as the OS version) and probably better.

Yes, i saw this Lite-ON driver, but there is a DEV_22F1 only. I think, it’s a Windows version problem, will try 20H1 build Pro, and check stronvme version :slight_smile:

Otherwise, this Plextor is weak, i thought it has a better performance.