plutomaniac is Moderator and Chief of the "Special Topics" section

Dear Forum members and visitors,

although I have never been a real expert regarding the big topic “BIOS Modding” or special topics like the “Intel Management Engine”, I have written myself a lot of guides about them within this Forum. Simple reason: I saw a need for such instructions, but didn’t know resp. couldn’t find anyone, who was willing to overtake this task.

Now - 1,5 years after the start of this Forum - things have changed. Meanwhile we have some very busy Forum members, who know much more than me about the different BIOS components and the way how to modify/customize them. So I think, that it is time for a change regarding the responsibilities within the different sections of my Forum. Instead of being the “Utility Man” for all topics I want to concentrate myself on the Administration of the Forum and maybe on the moderation of the Forum section “AHCI/RAID Drivers”. My idea is to delegate the “Leadership” of all other Forum sections (except the “General & Forum related Topics”) to real experts.

As first step I have just given enhanced Moderator rights for the Forum section “Special Topics” to our Forum member and Intel ME expert plutomaniac. He has already started to get the different “stickied” Intel ME threads merged into an All-In-One thread. This will make it much easier for the Forum visitors to find the special Intel ME component they are searching for. I am pretty sure, that he will do a good job as a Moderator and “Chief” of the Sub-Forum, which is currently named “Special Topics”.

What I am still looking for is a special Moderator for the Sub-Forum “BIOS Modding”. Since our Forum members and BIOS Gurus CodeRush and SoniX probably don’t have the needed time to overtake this task (if I should be wrong, please let me know it), I am primarily thinking on our reliable BIOS expert lordkag, who would be very qualified for this job.

Good luck, plutomaniac, and thanks for your willingness to overtake more responsibility within my Forum!

Kind regards
Dieter (alias Fernando)