Pop up says this forum is closing, is this true?

Fernado I belive in you that this fourm won’t shutdown try resolving https problems but I can’t lose this fourm

I’ve had a pop up a few times saying this forum is shutting down for good, but can’t find the thread it tries to link to.

Is this true?

idk - in the linked sub there is nothing about it…

I also have this popup.

"Global Announcement
Dear Forum members and visitors!
As the founder and creator of the Win-RAID Forum I am sorry to announce, that this Forum and its domain will be closed in the near future (probably at the end of this year).
For details please have a look into this Sub-Forum, where the current Forum owner and Main Admin Plato (a.k.a plutomaniac) will lay down the reasons for the Forum closure and give you the opportunity to post your comments/alternative ideas.
Thanks for having joined and supported this Forum!
Dieter (alias Fernando)"

Hi guys, the popup at the top states the truth, unfortunately. There was a small mixup with the announcement strategy, but the relevant thread is now live:

Win-Raid Forum future announcement

I’ll close this one to gather everything in the announcement one.