Possible to enable BLK overclocking on T7610 or T7910 workstation?

Guys do you know if it is possible to enable BLK overclocking on a T7610 or T7910 workstation?

Precision Tower 7910 bios version is A34 (17 Nov 2020)
Precision T7610 bios version is A18 (04 Nov 2019)

The Base Clock or BCLK in a motherboard is the clock speed that drives a lot of things on the motherboard, from system RAM to the CPU, and also PCIE devices.

Base Clock overclocking is where you can overclock CPUs and memory via manual manipulation of the base clock multiplier. The only drawback of this kind of overclocking is that it greatly increases instability of not just your CPU, but your memory and quite possibly your PCIE lanes which would be a mess.

BCLK overclocking has come a far ways though, certain motherboards can isolate the BCLK so only your CPU and RAM are being overclocked

I don’t recommend it. 1, The BCLK multiplier doesn’t go very high before getting unstable, 2, it’s much easier to just overclock via multiplier on the CPU if you only want your CPU overclocked

I assuming op is asking because e5-26xx cpus are locked. I’m working on getting my bios unlocked for my t5810. If I can bclk settings are available and if I can see or be taught how the bios is modded then you should be able to apply it to yours. I managed to pull a dump file and mod it with amibcp but I still didn’t get any settings unlocked. Waiting for the help of someone smarter than I lol. With a programmer it’s not hard but I don’t think there is a way to change anything on our machines without one.

Good luck to you and make sure you post back here when you find a solution. Also interesting in disabling the HPET timer because of the large IPC gains. Common for duel socket systems to fall out of TSC back to HPET especially when SMT/HT is enabled. So you where able to dump the bios and mod it? what about the flash back procedure? How did that go for you? Or haven’t you gotten that far. I got 2x E5-2687W v2 CPUs in mine for gaming, makes a great work station for memory intensive apps and can still play the latest games with ease, just not super high FPS like 150+.

I pulled dumps just fine using a ch134a. I modified mine to run off of the 3.3v rail of a separate psu. Not sure if it was needed or not. I’ve modded the bios using amibcp but nothing works so far. Flashing back with the ch134 is not a problem just haven’t been able to make any changes stick. Seems Dell has defaults written into the code so even if you change something with amibcp the code reverts it. Still working on a fix.

Windows 10 enable/disable hpet:

Tap on the Windows-key, enter cmd and select to run the command prompt with administrative privileges.
To enable HPET as the only timer run the command bcdedit /set useplatformclock true
To disable HPET in Windows run the command bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

Disable windows game mode
Tap on the Windows-key,select settings,click on Gaming,turn off gaming mode,game bar,background recording

That being said,modify the settings you want,both fallback and optimal values,dont touch user tabs,flash the modded bios,reset cmos,then flash it again.sometimes it does not stick easily like you said