Possible to transfer "CPU codes" from 1 bios (model no X) to another bios (for model no Y)? If yes, how?

might be best explain with an example:

Lenovo P700 and P710 are very similar except that Lenovo didn’t release BIOS update for the P700 to support Xeon V4s.

summary: P700 = Haswell Xeon V3 only | P710 = Broadwell Xeon V4 only. (maybe V3 too. can’t see that info)

Is it possible to extract this data from the P710 BIOS (which support Xeon V4s) and save it into the P700 BIOS?

Thank you.

Don’t know how Lenovo has done your board’s bios updating(didn’t check). There probably is some kind of protections from updating modded bios. But again didn’t check.

I have my experience with different Haswell 2011v3 computer, which has not Broadwell support. But there is upgraded version of same motherboard which supports both processors.

I extracted Broadwell microcodes from newer board and also downloaded newest Broadwell one. I did try these with my motherboard and Broadwell Xeon CPU->no picture so there is something more than microcodes in my case. So I upgraded to 2696V3.