Power Nominal/Level 1 (down)

Good afternoon everyone, So I would like to know if there is any way to bypass, delete, or override the config Tdp setting in my bios. I have tried switching to level one however it downclocks my cpu to x23. It is a E5 v3 2697, when set to nominal it sets it normally to x26. Now there is a method to my madness.
The reason I want to use something like level one or override it with a higher setting is because, when I run level on although I lose 300mhz, when I run the Xeon efi that unlocks turbo on all cores, my cpu runs all cores at 3.3Ghz even under cinebench R20 (5000+ score @3.3Ghz). I dont think alot of people that have unlocked turbo boost on v3 xeons know that there is a way to keep all of the cores from throttling under avx loads this is exactly how to do it. My only issue is that I can not and lock the knowledge to set my level higher in my bios. So attached is a screen shot of where this setting is I dont know how to upload my .rom its 6.5mb making it slightly to big to upload compressed.
Thank you in advance.