Predator PH315-54

Hi All, after a successful flash of my Predator Helios 300 PH315-54.

In the advanced menus now enabled i have aomehiw changed something i probabky should not have and my Laptop is now stuck in a boot loop with no logos, no acces to bios amd unable to reset the settings to default for the bios - now i know this is all a case of “well you were warned” and i agree, however if anyone has some idea of what i can do to solve this issue id be happy to hear,

Now ive tried downloading the bios EXE and extracting the files and putting the 38mb .fd (bios) file onto the root of a fat32 usb and using the FN+Esc + Power to get it to flash a new bios but unsuccessful, ( the fans spin to max and it stays on longer, but seems to not be finding the file it wants) - tried holding ALT + F10 to load default bios settings - no success.

Tried to pull CMOS battery, and sbor the CMOS terminals to reset bios (according to Acer Support) still nothing,

Is there anything im missing short of buying a new eeprom chip preprogrammed with my bios, or buying the tool to reflash my existing bios? Or is that lretty much my only option now?

Not against it if it is, just want to know if ive covered all troubleshooting before i go ahead

TiA - Vagon

BTW - Ty to @Pythonic for all your help getting the advanced menus - worked a treat just me who mucked up :blush:

Cant remember exactly what options i changed but suspect it may have been my XMP prpfiles