PRIME B350-PLUS BIOS Update Fail

Hi All,

I update the BIOS PRIME B350-PLUS, 2 days ago through EZ Flash 3. And I accidentally reboot my PC after reboot it from windows (seems the update process still in progress).

Then I heard: 3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps + blank screen (AMI BIOS). The BIOS won’t start/boot until now.

I’ve backup the chip (Winbond W25Q128FW) to file created by CH341A Programmer v1.01 (wiring: CH341A without 1.8v adapter):

And I’ve remove the capsule of 5602 (from cap file).

My question is:

What I should do next?
Is that fine if write through CH341A Programmer v1.01 without 1.8v adapter?

I choose 5602 BIOS version because of my CPU is Ryzen 5 3600 and I’m not sure if other BIOS versions can support that CPU.

Please Help…


Why not try to use ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 (NOT EZ3) before? USB with cap of the same version that the mboard had/have in SPI or support dvd

Recover the BIOS by using ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3

Did u get this screen?
(Motherboard) Troubleshooting - when warning is shown! BIOS Recovery mode has been detected messages that do not work properly on

Ur Ryzen 5 3600 is supported since bios 4801

EDIT: That dump u made…i do hope its done correctly and before bios update failure…
The issue here when flash a OEM bios update file by CH is the lack of Mac address, serial UUID…
Look in forums the use FTK/FD44 Editor to transfer this data from the dump to new bios file before programming

@MeatWar Yes, I actually did it (and always works). But not for the last time.
No, I didn’t. My BIOS won’t boot (blank screen after 3 beeps pause 3 beeps).


- CH341A Programmer + 1.8v adaptor
- Unplug everything (CPU, RAM, SSD, …) from Motherboard
- Notebook with Windows 10

1. Read IC with ASProgrammer v1.41
2. Save file (_bricked.bin)
3. Open _bricked.bin with FD44Editor
4. Copy (Mac, Motherboard S/N, System UID) to notepad
5. Download stock ROM from ASUS website and extract (I use same bios version that previously informed in FD44Editor)
6. Rename extracted file to _stock.rom
7. Open CAP file with FD44Editor
8. Paste (Mac, Motherboard S/N, System UID) - Step 4
9. Save file (_stock.rom, filename must be same / replace same file)
10. Open _stock.rom with ASProgrammer v1.41
11. Click toolbar: Unprotect +Erase + Program + Verify
12. Read IC & Save file (_written.bin)
13. Compare md5 hash _written.bin and _stock.bin
14. Make sure the value is same

Then my BIOS is up, Beep sound disappear and Windows is loaded :slight_smile: