prior version installation method ?


I’ve manually installed via the devices manager the rst driver 12.8… whql, now i want to install the 12.7 whql, but when i try to manually update, i just can’t cause the 12.7 driver get a older date than the 12.8.

Please help me.

Gigabyte X79-UD3



I don’t know if you have the newest BIOS and are running RAID off the 11.6 OROM in RST and not RSTe. But if you are using RST, you can look at the performance section where Fern has done some nice testing of the ROM-DRIVERs combo.

FERN: My bad, forgot about have disk.

@ Zamal:
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Do the following:
Open the Device Manager, do a right click onto the Intel SATA AHCI/RAID Controller > "Update driver software" > "Browse my computer …" > "Let me pick …" > "Have Disk" > navigate to the folder with the driver files, you want to get installed > point to the related INF file and hit "OK".
This way the OS will accept any driver, which is older than the currently installed one.



Thank you very much guys, both method worked perfectly.



Thanks so much for the reply, I didn’t think you had a chance to see the ROLLBACK before I removed it, for some reason which I don’t know, ROOLLBACK might not be an option, so Fern’s post is the best way to insert an older version.