[Problem] ASRock Z170 Fatal1ty Gaming 6

Hi All,

I’ve got myself this board to experiment with coffeelake(refresh).
Modded the bios with coffeetime succesful, just had to bridge the pins on a i5-9500 for the cpu occupy pins.
It works perfectly with the i5-9500.
However I bought a s1440 cpu from ali – >QQLS .
However when I turn my board on, it turns off almost instantly +/- 1-2 sec. I can try infinitly, the same behaviour happens.

I’ve tried both with the latest bios and downgrades ME as the 7.2 bios, even with the me disabled.

So I had a discussion with the seller (who has lot’s of good reviews), today I received another qqls (for €5 shipping) and the same thing happens.
Post code has just enough time to lit up but not to initialise.

Any ideas? I hate to see €180 going down the drain.
With my first attempt I bought a brand spaning new Z370, not minding that it wasn’t compatible. So I swapped it for this asrock Z170 board.
The board: https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Fatal1ty…%20K6/index.asp

This is what’s happening: https://youtu.be/iH3RdkHpFMM