[Problem] ASUS GL704GW BIOS Doesn't Work

Hello everyone! I installed QTJ1 on my motherboard and a new HM370 PCH. The board does not even try to turn on, after turning on, VCC_CORE, VCCSA, and so on briefly rise, and then the board turns off. I wanted to buy an ES PCH, but I was afraid that this would cause problems. It turned out the opposite xD. The processor is working, worked on the board with CM236.
However, I still hope that the problem may be with the firmware. I want to try with pre-production ME image. But I can’t find it anywhere.
I downloaded BIOS from an engineering DELL from this thread: Alienware 17 R5 Engeneering sample need help to mod bios, but cant be decompressed using FIT. It need FIT v12.0.0.1020, i cant found it anywhere. If anyone has it, please upload.
I also wanted to download another one from this: [Problem] Flashing Dell Vostro 7590 i9 GTX 1650 BIOS, but link is not working anymore. If someone downloaded it, or knows where i can find it, please help.
I might be also need to find out the PCH SPEC Code on the engineering sample (in case I still have to buy an engineering PCH). It should be QNDQ, or QS64, or something similar, on a board with a QTJ1 processor. I can’t find photos anywhere
Help me please :slight_smile: What could I do to try to run this. Or make sure it’s not a hardware issue.

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guys, SOS xD