[Problem] Asus K72JK missing MAC,UUID,SN....


I had “bricked” Asus K72JK laying around, long story short, I managed to create clean bios using tutorial from Badcaps, but now I’m missing (MAC, UUID and few less important things).

I tried using FD44Editor but it seems that K72JK is not supported.

Are there any DMI tools for Asus notebooks?

Pics that might be useful (sorry for bad quality):



Old corrupted bios and new clean one.

dump.rar (1.04 MB)

K72JkAS.204.rar (1.58 MB)


I managed to find the serial number in the dump, and a sticker with MAC address on the motherboard.
Then I followed this post ([Help Request] Problems after an ASUS ROG GL502VT BIOS downgrade Post#11 Sry, i still can’t post links) to write them in the Bios and add random UUID.