[Problem] ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger with Intel 9980HK

Hello, I am attempting to get some new parts I ordered working correctly, the person I ordered the processor from gave me a BIOS binary file to flash for this motherboard I got and after putting everything together it turns on for about half a second and only displays 00 on the status display, I’m really unsure as to what I’ve done wrong, any help is great.

Thanks in advance.

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MAXIMUS-VIII-RANGER-ASUS-3802(1).bin.zip (8.08 MB)

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Since your problem can only be solved by a BIOS modification, I have moved your request into the "BIOS Modding" Sub-Forum.
It may be a good idea to attach the BIOS you got from the CPU vendor to the start post.
Good luck!
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Wot people is doing wrong its buying this kind of product…to who we know… taking their word for granted, give them the money and then…here u are.
Have a nice day and happy shopping.

Found the issue, the processor died on its way to NZ

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