[PROBLEM] Bios updated, ethernet not working

i updated my Asus N53SM laptop bios to have "hacked" bios.

After using rufus to set up a freeDOS usb and restarting my laptop into my usb and runing using

the bios installed. Everything there looks fine? my computer runs just as before, but the only thing not working is my ethernet. Wifi works, but the ethernet doesn’t.

Installing drivers does nothing. Downgrading my bios back to stock does nothing. Windows troubleshooter didn’t help. Even resintalled windows. Nothing.

In device manager “Realtek PCie GbE Family Controller” has shown

It has shown this before i reinstalled windows and after i reinstalled windows.

Im assuming my mac adress was cleared? but i don’t have the tehnical know-how to really say. I would really appriciate if someone told me what to do and if i can fix it.

Then its not MAC issue, the issue its the so called "hacked" bios, unknow to us… who did the bios mod and what was done to it, go ask the author of it.

Using the word “hacked” might have not been the right term. It’s “unlocked”. Already messaged the author, but i highly doubt that a dude cares about bios unlocks for a 2012 computer