[Problem] Bricked Ideapad Gaming 3 i5 BIOS

Hello! help me with a similar problem on my ideapad gaming 3 i5. I wanted to return the factory bios after unlocked, but after reboot, just a black screen, no backlight.
I tried to flash a dump that was posted by other people on the forum for repair specialists, but it even turned out byte to byte the same as my dump from an already broken laptop.
sorry for using the translator.

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So go there to those repairs "specialists", they must have some guidance to u, as its clear that u dont even have a backup dump of the SPI before ur adventure.
And stop posting everywhere…

It was possible to solve the problem by searching for a BIOS dump and its previous firmware. I am writing from a laptop. I had backups, but I was stupid by leaving them on the nvme disk, I had to pay a tiny amount for a dump on a specialized forum