[Problem] Cannot find Boot Logo Module

hi bros. nice informations. i try to modified a bin for try to find the splash logo , this splash logo have a black background and white letter then say SARMIENTO. but i dont known where is it and I don’t know where it is or how to change the boot logo of the equipment.
on top of that it’s an aptio bios and i can’t find a software to see what block it’s in that logo is hidden.
I leave it in case you have an idea how to find it

i try to search in uefitool and


and I can not find the logo of this binary, the boot logo.
usually it was in a module that said freeform and the logo would be in .raw but I can’t find it must be encrypted

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TF0_Backup.rar (1.17 MB)

The answer is: this is not a full BIOS image. 2MB - too small.

this bios the size its 2mb bro , the mother is from "ECS" and the chip bios datasheet its "WINBOND Q16FWUUIQ"
this bios its from the binary files i attach=
*extra info from motherboard=

*Processor= Intel(R) Atom ™ x5-Z8350 CPU @ 1.44GHZ 1.44GHZ
*memory ram= 2GB


extra info from setup bios=


Made in China

But it can be dual chip BIOS. Set 16MB in Universal Backup Toolkit, make backup and attach it here

i try to using the software universal backup toolkit , but the backups makes corrupt.
this app its bad for making backups :frowning: .
but this bios its the size of 2MB.

i posted the bios= this backup its making with ch341 programming soldering the cables in the chips bios and read with ch341 software programming.

TF0_Backup.rar (1.2 MB)

And I would still like to see this backup or a backup made with BACKUP_Tools. The backup that you sent me and that previous one do not contain at least one of the important volumes. The backups lacks such a basic module as “Setup Utility” and the Logo module as well.

hi, thanks to answer my post, when i use this ueiftoool NE alpha58
UEFITool_NE_Alpha58.rar (3.7 MB)
you can see more modules / blocks. but even so I can’t find the one of the logo that this team has that I have already been looking for in the PCX, JPG, BMP, PNG formats. and I can’t find it, what I think is that it is very compressed. or encrypted somewhere
but the backuup is the size 2mb.


Are you a robo?

I would disprove it, but this seems it will not happen. As they say, no normal backup - no help.

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If the backup was taken without the Intel (CS)ME region, it is normal to have 2 MB.

the backup size its 2mb. but i try to find the boot logo its a image with black background and white letters.

Why do you always say the same thing?

Opened up the UefitoolNE, found no DXE volume… maybe bios experts could explain it (i dont argue with bios file being too small)