[Problem] Cannot Flash Modded Dell Wyse 5060 BIOS

Hi all,

I’m trying to update my wyse 5060. There’s no update functionality built into the bios and no clear way to update the bios without thin client management tools.
I was able to backup the existing bios (wyse5060_Orig_bios_1.0F) using the CH341A. But when i try to flash the new bios (D10Q_bios downloaded from dells website) the image is too big for the flash chip. How can I remove the un-needed padding/images from the new bios file?

Attached are both files in the zip.


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bios.zip (5.78 MB)

Hi there,

Can you please teach me how to backup existing bios using the CH341A on 5060?!
I updated the BIOS using "ThinLinux_5060_BIOS_10K.zip" with Dell USB Imaging Tool but onboard speaker/heahphone jack stopped working and now sounds only comes through DP/HDMI as if the other output is completely absent!!

There is a guide online to flash it: https://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/wyse/zd_bios/ch341a.shtml
Click the tabs at the top there is a guide for flashrom it has additional details. I attached my bios backup I made (version 1.0F).

Make sure you are able to backup your current bios with the programmer before you flash this one just in case.

wyse5060_Orig_bios_1.0F.zip (2.78 MB)