[Problem] Clevo P775TM1-G BIOS with GTX 970M Support

Hey everyone
After notebookreview was gone (RIP) wanted to try my luck here…

I have one gaming clevo P775TM1-G (Latest Unlocked stock bios-no changes)with original i5 8600k and gtx 1060…
only what i changed was the display to 1080p 60hz non Gsynch time ago for better color representation…but unfortunately the graphics card is dying now…trying to survive with heating it up…could not find any cheap after long search and wait for now
but i have almost new clevo non Gsynch gtx 970m MXM3.0B 6gb on my hands comes also from a clevo p751dm…
DeviceId: 10DE 13D8 - 1558 7502
Bios Ver
Info Sticker: N16E GT V2.1 6G 6-77 P15SL DA2 T - VB:84.04.G7.00.00
would use the 970M as lightweight gamer and creator…The card itself fitted well but of course the heatsink not…installed a modified Clevo P775DM heatsink in good condition that fits perfectly…

The clevo started into bios and the 970M was detected like the 1060 so i tought everything was fine until i getting blackscreen after bios :frowning:
i can hear that he boots to login screen…i can hear my custom startup sound…but that was all…of course i unistalled the drivers from 1060 before
and the panel i have is also non gsynch so i tought it should work otherwise i need a different bios or vbios i think :frowning:

would be glad if someone can help me out of this :slight_smile:
Best regards

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