[Problem] Edit Microcode of Intel Server Board to allow ES Xeons (Edit3)

Hello everybody,

I own an Intel S2600CWT Intel Server Mainboard which I want to run with a Intel Xeon E5-2658 v3 ES (QEYP).
Unfortunately, I don’t get a POST Message and it won’t boot.

If I understand correctly, it is because the microcode is not supported in the bios, right?
So I should be able to edit the BIOS File (.cab) with UFU to edit the mCode Section?

I am totally new to modifying bioses, so I need some advice doing so.
You will find some screenshots of UFU and UEFITool Output.

It looks like UFU is recognizing the BIOS File, but I’m unsure about the output of the UEFI Tool. Does that look correct to you?

Finally, will I be able to use the Intel Bios Flasher oder do I need to use an external programmer?

Kind regards,

//Edit: I also included screenshots of MMT. Unfortunately, the CPU Patch tab is empty; shouldn’t there be a list of the support mCodes?

//Edit2: So I have been informing myself further:
So I figured out how to chnage the mCode using the following link: Here
As I don’t have another CPU to flash the BIOS using Intel Tools (Not even sure if this would even work), I ordered a CH341 Bios Programmer.

Finally, I only need help figuring out which mCode I have to use to allow for my ES.
Is there a Changelog for the different microcodes where I can see when the support for Enginnering Samples got dropped?

//Edit3: I found an older BIOS Version (01.01.005) which should support ES CPUs. Is it possible to burn the .cap BIOS file using the aforementioned programmer on the BIOS chip?
Do I have to extract it first, if yes how would I do it?