[Problem] How to Extract an HP *.exe BIOS File?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to extract the bios files from the HP EXE file in order to put in the freedos usb drive and update the bIOS. I can’t seem to run Insydeflash.exe after I extracted the main EXE file.
The BIOS can be downloaded from here - select Windows7 64 bit OS to show the BIOS files: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/sel…0/model/5105259

Could someone please extract the bin files for me to update the bios?
thank you

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Why does the opened archive with Winrar or 7-Zip isnt valid for you? Recent bios updates files on most OEMs are not full bios ready for SPI flash… and doesnt seem to complete this one also

To give you a back story, I’m trying to recover an old laptop, 2nd gen i5, but installation for Windows 10, 8 and 7, it gets stuck at the Windows logo at the very beginning of the setup. I’m assuming the bios needs updating because I’ve tried other things. It had Windows 10 installed on it previously as my friend told me. It’s his laptop.

I can extract the main file, but once extracted and I try to run Insydeflash.exe it doesn’t run at all. I know that that can create a bootable usb but it just doesn’t open.

I saw that this thread has a video tutorial but I can’t follow it at all. It’s in a different language and I don’t have much knowledge of BIOS.

If a BIOS update file has InsydeFlash executable in it there’s no need to watch the video. You won’t be able to follow it because the video is only valid for the AMI BIOS type.
InsydeFlash should always start unless the operating system on your computer is super ultra optimized with basic services disabled for gaming.

Ok, so how do extract the binary files? The insydeflash.exe is not running on my computers. I’ve got 3 laptops and it doesn’t run on any of them.

So my question now is: can anyone help me get the binary files so that I can put it on my freedos USB to flash my friend’s laptop?

Check your private messages. I already had the files remained from previous requests of peoples’.

If it doesn’t run, and you really want to re-flash BIOS, you must determine what bin file is for your system (based on board ID), decrypt it using “hewprsa” utility, use a hex editor to grab the SPI/BIOS chip image only (some seem to include EC chip FW as well) and flash the 4MB image either via a programmer, flashrom or Intel Flash Programming Tool (FPT) from ME System Tools (v6 IBX for 0338AF66, 01666F66 and v7 for 0166CF66, 0184DF66). The command for FPT is “fpt -f chosen_image.bin” followed by “fpt -greset”. To make it a bit easier, I have attached the decrypted SPI/BIOS-only images from the 4 bin files. The rest is up to you.

sp60864_decrypted_bios.rar (5.76 MB)