[PROBLEM] How to open/modify/flash an Intel mainboard BIOS?

Since I don’t have any experience with the usage of SPI tools, I cannot answer your question.
Tip: Try to contact CodeRush or lordkag via PM. They know much more about this sort of BIOS modding.

Just dump your whole SPI chip into bios.rom file and attach, then it can be modified as normal BIOS image using MMTool/UEFITool/PhoenixTool/uefi-firmware-parser/etc., then you can flash this modified falie back into the chip.

Hello Fernando,

I am a newbie and just want to try out if I can use the above old specification to make a "Triple Boot" system for XP, 7 and 8.1. I made a raid 0 disk to install those above systems together where XP and 7 are success (install XP first, than 7) but when I install the 8.1 iso, it seems okay at first. However, after re-boot the system, it come up the "Raid 0" with "incompetable" and all the system held.

is it the raid rom problem? if so, would you please teach me how to flash it?

Thank you very much for your help.

Have a good day.

@ uncleblack:
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Yes, this seems possible for me, because Windows 8/8.1 requires an up-to-date Intel RST RAID ROM.
Which Intel RAID ROM version does your mainboard BIOS contain? You can verify the version, if you run the Intel RAID Utility (CTRL+I).

Since tie Intel mainboard BIOSes usually have a disguised AMI BIOS, it is not easy to modify them.


According to Intel, the latest BIOS for your motherboard (v1754 from November 17, 2008) includes:

Intel(R) RAID for SATA - v6.1.0.1002

Your BIOS is not a secret AMI one so you cannot modify it.

Thanks so much for your answers.

I think I can go dual-boot with XP and 7 instead…

Again, thanks

Hi Fernando, what’s the best/easiest way to do this? thx!

As I already have told you, I cannot really help you with this sort of BIOS modding.
Do what CodeRush has written within his last post, attach the bios.rom file and hope, that an expert like lordkag or CodeRush himself will give you support.

sorry. yes, i got that. i was wondering what’s the best/easiest way to dump the SPI chip to a rom file.

Here is a file, which can be opened with the AMI Aptio UEFI MMTool.
Unfortunately the CSMCORE file doesn’t contain any Option ROM modules.
The BIOS.rom file has been extracted by me using CodeRush’s UEFITool.

BIOS.rar (3.89 MB)

Thanks Fernando for the file. I am assuming this is effectively the dump that CodeRush mentioned above that experts like CodeRush might be able to help enable RAID0 TRIM there?

If you are going to use a programmer (and you have to), then dump your own BIOS first. If you flash an official release, not only do you lose all serials, variables, but you might brick the board, if the official release is packed for multiple boards, which is the case for Intel.

Use your own dump, then patch, then flash.

I suspect, that he/she doesn’t know how to dump his/her BIOS.

yes, that’s right - no idea how to dump the BIOS. must i take the BIOS chip out of the motherboard and use the EPROM to dump it, do the patch then use the EPROM to flash it?

Yes, if your chip is in a socket. Otherwise you have to also do some soldering.

i see, that sounds like a little too much work to get this working.

do let me know if there is a way without having to take out the BIOS chip to accomplish this.

appreciate you guys’ inputs, thx!

Hi :o)

i’ve just use Andy’ tools to see the module, but i cant’ find it directly.

if someone could help me to indicate Which EFI module is the RAid Option Rom.

This is the bios file : http://downloadcenter.intel.com/confirm…g&Dwnldid=18158

Regards, Ray.

PhoenixTool does not seem to extract all modules perfectly but the RAID oROM is inside 4A538818-5AE0-4EB2-B2EB-488B23657022_254.rom (the largest file). You will need to use a hex editor and cut-paste. Also, since Intel .BIO images are not really editable by current tools I don’t know if the reconstructed image will be ok. Test it first, load the bios and recreate it without changing anything, does it have the same SHA-1/md5 etc hash?

Start: 0x38ADD
End: 0x47EDC

Size: 61KB

These are my guesses, find an equivalent old RST oROM to check it’s structure and thus be certain first.

EDIT: oROM is now extracted correctly with the addition of last byte. Attached new image.

RST_v6.1.0.1002_oROM.rar (35.5 KB)

thanks for your fast reply ! :Op
I’m looking this immediately

i compare your file and an image of the same version, it seems to be perfect :slight_smile:
i locate it into the .rom, can i paste another version without problem ?

The end is: 0x47EDC (CA)

PS : I have somme difficulty, with andy’s tool i can’t modify without making another mod like SLIC in the bios. :O/