[Problem] How to Remove the BIOS Write Protection?

Hey Guys ,
i am Lara from Germany i say hello to all here :wink:

I have a Problem with my Uefi . I have are HP 8560p Elitebook with Intel i7 Prozessor .
I can not upgrade my Uefi , because the previous owner from the HP 8560p , has write protection set.
I have the newest Uefi file from HP . In the Logfile is are error message : Uefi can not installed ,write protection set …

Now i have found the program CHIPSEC .
I working on this for 1 Week . I have all instructions i from here befoling:

  1. Create the USB with Boot Efi File
    https ://chipsec.github.io/USB%20with%20UEFI%20Shell.html
    This not working , the instructions was correctly executed.
  2. Create the USB from this instructions :
    www. basicinputoutput.com/2016/05/a-tour-of-intel-chipsec.html
    Also these detailed instructions not working with USB Start.

Now i think this is another problem in the UEFI Settings .
I have Windows 7 and Windows 10 for working this problem installed in Uefi Modus.

Can someone help me solve this problem .

The program CHIPSEC runnig in Windows 10 , I just don’t know how to get it to work :frowning:
I have the program Python 3… and Chipsec from Githup “Master file” downloaded , see here :
https:// github.com/chipsec/chipsec

Can anyone help me CHIPSEC Runnig in Windwos 10 with python with professional instructions please :slight_smile:
Or have anyone are idea , why not chipsec stardet with the USB instructions .

Greetz Lara

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Does this mean, that you cannot flash any original BIOS, which is offered by HP for your notebook?
Have you already looked into the "Security" section of the BIOS? How are the settings there?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks Fernando

Yes i can not Flash the bios thats realy . I know Write protection is set . I dont know what the previous owner of mine HP 8560p
set in the epprom memory . maybe it explains why chipsec not from usb via efi bootet .

My security settings looks normal, secure boot there is not any . Which informations do you want from my UEFI , direct ?

I have I tried to flash the uefi from usb and from windows directly . Its working , however the log file says error and write protection is set .


You speak german ? maybewe can talk of germany :slight_smile: My english is not perfect , sorry …

@Lara : Yes, I am a German like you, but the Forum language is English.
I cannot help you anyway, because I am not an expert regarding your problem.
You should wait until you get a reply from someone, who can really help you.
Good luck!

yes i’m waiting for the experts here in the forum, especially for the

"Chipsec program"

or another possibility remove write protection .

Can you provide a screenshot of the original error message?

What is the current bios version?

Can you provide a dump of your bios made with ME System tools v7 from Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools ?


The Message from the error message is : Failed init of SMBIOS data write protection is set .

The Bios Version is HP 68SCF Ver. F67 .

And i search more help for managment control the program "Chipsec" .

I used Chipsec once, but that’s a while ago. but I assume the stick doesn’t exist any longer. Easiest way this time was using an UEFI boot USB stick, but there was some fiddling to get it to work, that’s right. I’d normally prefer UEFI boot for such tools since it gives you more direct hardware access.

That is anyway the latest version?


can you tell me whta is UEFI boot for program on USB stick ?

my last bios version is faulty for this reason , i want to replay it .

That’s not what I wrote, I wrote "UEFI boot USB stick" and that’s a bootable USB stick with an EFI shell, as described in both links you provided.

Many year ago i do.
Backup your bios with programmer.
Find unlocked full firmware from internet.
Program it in your pc with programmer (no remove programmer from pc).
Start pc and go bios ( you must still be physical access to flash chip)
Program your original bios.
Go bios protection menu and disable protection. Then Shut down pc and remove programmer.
This was so i remember… Not easy and possibe must do access throught cover.

e: so you must have second programming pc and example ch341 programmer and do power on hp pc chip programming.


with a hardware flasher it would also be possible , correctly!

it should by the program Chipsec .

@ lfb6

Yes the UEFi Shell not startet with USB and Chipsec , why not i can no say .

View the picture here . This is from Chipsec and you can see ,what settings are integrated .

I search for help , how I use the program chipsec with Windows 10 or USB.


Uefi chipsec settings.png