[Problem] How to update a Single Board Computer BIOS?


i have a SBC that have no sorces for bios updates. can i pull the bios firmware from that chip, mod it and than reflash it? This thing runs an aptino apollo V bios version 0.76.

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Please let us know the manufacturer (Gigabyte?) and the exact model name of the mainboard.
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Dieter (alias Fernando)

The Board is a CB6263 from Beckhoff. There are a Manuel oft this Board if you Google cb6263 with Tons of Infos. About the bios too. So there is no bios files for this Board to mod. This is why i need to pull the current bios and mod it. If it is possible.

Ur board uses AMI Aptio V and has Intel TXE, UEFI system, u can try AMI tools (AFU) from DOS/EFI or depending on version, the FPT tool from Intel TXE tools package.

Intel (Converged Security) Trusted Execution Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

Thx mate i try this asap.