Problem installing intel UHD 600 on Win7

Did anyone succeed installing Intel UHD 600 on win7?
Mine always had exclamation mark after a restart and runs very slow. I used Easydrv from ITSky. Is there other way?

At first it was like this

But after restart, it has exclamation mark and won’t run normally

For this card, try canonkong’s modded driver (password: xiaofengmod).

Before installing this driver you have to install the certificate, consult this thread [I. Import of the Certificate to your personal system; a) Here is a short guide for the .cat file method]: [Tips+Discussion] Usage of “mod+signed” Drivers

Make sure you uninstall this faulty driver within the ‘Programs and features’ control panel first, and by Display Driver Uninstaller (preferably in safe mode if you can) first!

I’ve used canonkong’s USB driver before. So I guess the certificate wasn’t the problem?

I’ve also tried uninstalling the driver via safe mode and reboot. reinstalled the one from your link. but the problem persists

Have you also done that with Display Driver Uninstaller too?

First, uninstall the driver from programs and features (or if you can’t find the entry, devmgmt.msc), reboot.
Second, remove the leftovers with Display Driver Uninstaller (best to do in safe mode, but if you can’t do it in safe mode, disable internet connection, cleanup, restart, clean up again, and finally restart)
Third (if possible), cleanup the intel GPU (and display-audio) leftovers from DriverStore by using, restart.

and THEN you can install canonkong’s driver.

If you have installed an other driver frm canonkong, you ought to have the certificate installed.

Maybe not needed, but doesn’t hurt to have your windows 7 fully updated first.

The driver linked above gave me black screen after install, had to remove it through safe mode.

I found a newer version of his driver here:…8F%E7%89%88.rar

but this one gives me error 43 upon reboot and falls back to vga driver.

I’m using a GPD MicroPC FYI

Gemini Lake UHD graphics 600 driver is so difficult to come by…

Do you still need it?

I need a hint (search on forum brought me no result; maybe i am to noob for it)

Win7 und (U)HD 605

mostly on Systems with the N5000 (N5040) systems

For UHD620/630 i found working solutions on the tube; but not for UHD605

If i had luck; he accept it as "Basic display Driver"; but mostly only800x600

1. Download this driver -…
2. Open igdlh64.inf and change in section [IntelGfx.NTamd64.6.1] string DEV_1906 to DEV_3184
3. Install modded driver as usual.
4. Choose “Install this driver software anyway” when Windows ask.
5. Reboot and get the error with 43 code (or someone else)
6. Open Event Viewer and go to Windows Logs->Application
7. Find last event with a source is Windows Error Reporting and a name is LiveKernelEvent. Show this.

Okay, DeathBringer; I will try asap;
Thank You for the moment
Edit: Update

I made, as u recomand;
DL the file; unzip; made the change

.) Try to run install (win 8.1 - 64Bit) ; Rejected (This software is not for this OS)

.) Add in DeviceManger (No GraphicCard shown) "New legacy Hardware; Manual Install - > Graphicrd → Updateted .inf file
choose the first Entrie (HD510) (This was the one, where i had to made the change)

Got an error msg.; restart → stil the same; no Grapgiccard was shown

Yes; Secure Driver was disabled

I also tryed to copy&paste error report (3 msgs)

But he also reject now the usB Stick (not shown as pluged in; I work on it)

You asked about Win7.
For Win8.1 I know other solution - Intel UHD 600 on Windows 8.1 Help

The reason - installed drivers for chipset. Look in System devices

I knew; i hove more devices/Computer;
This N5040 work only with 8.1 and up;

I will have access this night, to the laptop with 7

And - i asked for the uhd605 hint; i duno if 600 und 605 are the same

Thx for ur help

They are Gemini Lake.


I’m a bit noobish in this; thx.

Meanwhile i checked 3 Laptops here; all with the uhd605; but only with 8.1 and 10 (and linux);
but don’t worry… in few days i would have access to others, where 7 is on it - i wil lreport it
Meanwhile i will test your link with the win 8.1

Off-Topic off

Thank u verry much
Edit: Update; Meanwhile i tryed on win 8.1 as recommanded in the other thread;
First: Yes; Maenwhile i have full HD resolution (Medion; N5000 Celeron)
And yes, this driver-pack also have the uhd620 (Which help a lot 4 other computers)

but; it gave me only different types of HD; Iris and UHD;
but no 600 or 605 (it start at 610) and a entry calld HD (no number)
I choose this one - worked in full hd ; but in the device manger it is market yellow (Trust driver was switched off)

I tried installing these drivers. At first they appear to install just fine, but after a reboot I get an error code 52. Test Mode doesn’t make a difference.
I did install the certificates from all the .cat files, too. Is there something I’m missing?

yes I do :slight_smile:

UHD 600 for win 7 needs some love too !

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hi. Is it ok to retype corect way of fixing it. I have laptop with Intel UHD 600, windows 7 could be perfect there

good afternoon, can you give the installation files of this video card and the instructions?