Problem installing Windows 7 ACPI not fully compliant

Hi Everyone
I am having a HP 15BC406TX which came with Windows 10 pre-installed. This system is having 2 SSDs, First has Windows 10 installed on it and on second I want to install windows 7 to dual boot. I have tried to create a bootable media using GPT UEFI non CSM and MBR UEFI-CSM using rufus. I have turned off the secure boot and also turned on legacy mode in the BIOS. with MBR UEFI I am getting BSOD with a message that my BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant. BIOS is not having any option to set ACPI option or anything similar.

Can this be bypassed or any BIOS mod be used?
I have created this thread on suggestion. Here is the link to the original thread.
Bios mod needed for HP Pavilion 15BC406TX

you’ll most likely need a BIOS mod to get ACPI working for windows 7

did you find any solution for this issue, I have hp pavilion 15-bc450ns with the problem.
please let me know if you have found any workaround.

@yachou31 Check if the laptop firmware fully supports CSM and acpi stuff that is compliant with Win7. If it’s not latest, update it. If not, you better hope that somebody made a Win7-compliant BIOS mod, but then you’d need to have experience with flashing and know the risks.

Alternatively consider installing Win8.1, higher chances of it successfully installing than Win7, but then again you’d have to manually search for drivers if the OEM offers only Win10 drivers for the laptop, and of course possibly having to deal with modded drivers, but 8.1 should have better hardware support than 7, especially with HID touchpads using the I2C interface (friend of mine had a Lenovo laptop with an Elan touchpad of some sort and even though he could get win7 to install along with drivers for the rest of the hardware, the touchpad ones weren’t, even when trying to tinker with older drivers and such; turns out that the HID over I2C support has been provided natively since Windows 8)