Problem installing windows7 on NVME RAID

Hi, i have asus z370-a, 2 970’v evo configured in RAID0, trying to install windows7. System installation freezing on installing updates … how can i fix this problem ? thx

@f_rostt :
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If you should have created an Intel RAID0 array (and not an MS software one), you will have to use an Intel RST(e) driver for its support while running Win7 (the additional SCSI driver named iaStorF.sys is required!).
Since none of the Intel RST platforms v16 and v17 drivers do support Win7, I recommend to try an Intel RAID driver, which belongs to the RST(e) v15 platform.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

I have tried to use DriverVer=03/30/2017,
Windows installer see the array, but the installation freezes on installing updates …

@f_rostt tt:
Try the Intel RST(e) RAID driver v15.5.2.1054 or v15.9.6.1044.
EDIT: To which Intel RST platform belongs the Intel RAID OROM resp. EFI RaidDriver of your BIOS? Maybe you will have to "downgrade" it to a matching platform and development branch version.