[Problem] Is it possible to connect more than 7 GPUs?

Hello, I’m new here, I don’t know if they have a place but it would be interesting to ask since I haven’t found any clear information on this topic. What determines the maximum amount of GPU that can be attached to a motherboard? In my case I have an H81 motherboard, researching the maximum number of lanes available according to Wikipedia is 6 but it helps with a PCI-E multiplier it is possible to reach 7 but when connecting the eighth GPU it enters an infinite loop only once I managed to get it to recognize 8 GPUs. Is it something limited through the bios?

PD, when I connect a network-PCI/E card through the multiplier, it is able to recognize it even with 7 GPUs, but when an eighth GPU is connected, the motherboard does go into a loop or does not start.

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Although I cannot answer your question, but I would like to know for which purpose you need to connect so many GPUs.

Hello Fernando, for cryptographic purposes, the motherboard has 6 physical PCI-E slots that can be expanded to 9 with the help of a divider.

Researching, I have not found a way of how the chipset is responsible for managing the PCI-E devices, I understand that between the processor and chipset there are enough lanes to run more than 9 GPUs in Gen1 configuration and Link in x1 mode

On a rare occasion I managed to start with 8 GPUs but I was never able to recreate it again.

making a comparison, the h110 chipset has the same lanes with the advantages that manufacturers can run more than 12 gpu on it

Is it a limit from the bios, something not planned to run more than 6 GPUs within the motherboard design? PD It should be noted that in order to run 7 GPUs it is necessary to update the bios