[Problem] NVMe SSD not detected by MSI PRO A620M-E

Hey there. I wanted to mod my BIOS with NVMe support. Its M.2_1 Source (From CPU) supports up to PCIe 4.0 x4 , supports 2280/2260 devices. This is my original exported BIOS. Can you be so nice and mod this for me?

MY Latest Bios: https://download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7E28v14.zip

Mainboard: PRO A620M-E

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Dont understand the request…
The specs tells exactly that…and so AMD specs…
PRO A620M-E (msi.com)

I have this motherboard at PRO A620M-E

This is the SSD I have

That not the issue here, as this is a modern motherboard already factory NVMe support, if there’s an issue of incompatibility with the SEC980 you must ask MSI.
Assuming that the disk is working and correctly seated, this is no issue for a NVMe MOD BIOS.

These are present in the compatibility chart from the MSI motherboard support

EDIT: Cant you read the specs on the MSI website…
Already told you that it supports NVMe devices by FACTORY Default.

So do you have NVME support this motherboard?

I cant see NVMe support PRO A620M-E

But I can see it. Look here:

The presence of a DXE driver module named “Nvme” within the BIOS is the proof, that the system offers full NVMe support (inclusive booting off an NVMe SSD).

So what should I do? To see M2 SSD?

Where do you not see the SSD (within the BIOS or within the Device Manager of the OS)?
Within the BIOS you will only see the NVMe SSD as bootable device, if your BIOS settings allow booting in UEFI mode.

I can’t see M2 at all

Check MY Bios Screenshot

Are you sure, that the SSD is healthy and correctly inserted into the M.2 slot?
When you boot into the OS, what does the “Disks” section of the Device Manager show?

Yeap i healthy and correctly inserted into


I asked you to show the “Disks” section of the Device Manager!

I’m so sorry.

Intel600BIOS.pdf (msi.com)

System Status, using the Advanced Mode of the bios.

If the disk is not present in bios it cant be present in system/OS

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Is it possible that Windows is installed inside the M2 SSD, so this new PC does not see it?

No, the BIOS and the Device Manager of the OS should detect the SSD anyway.
My feeling is, that either the NVMe SSD is dead or not correctly connected. Another possibility is a bricked mainboard (no M.2 support).