[Problem] PC doesn't work with Single Sided DRAM Modules

Hello all!
Got a MB asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3
Bought a new memory modules. 1600Mhz ddr3 8GBx2 Modules
But PC won’t start with it
dr. debug shows code 55 (memory not installed)
Seems like my MB doesn’t support single sided modules, exactly 8 chips on the RAM module. MB needs 16 Chips RAM modules.
Can it be fixed via bios modding?

@emoxam idk if this would fix the issues, but try to flash this (try 8.0 then 8.1), and put the ram slots on slot A2 and B2 after flashing bioses.

Z68E4G3 Bioses.rar (4.97 MB)

i’ve got 2.30 your bios is 8.0, what is it?) Will PC boot up?)

@emoxam it’s only the intel ME version, stock using 8.0, and made one with 8.1 if you want to try.

Does ME has something about memory? I heard it’s not