[Problem/Request] Boot logo / Clevo NL4x_5xCU / Machcreator-A

I am currently trying to mod the BIOS of my Machenike Machcreator-A which seems to be a Clevo NL40CU (or 41/50/51CU who shares the same Insyde H2O BIOS).

I am having troubles finding the .fd in the BIOS package. I don’t see the included logo using H20EZE which I am trying to mod to a custom logo.

Also I try to unlock as much advanced features as possible, especially for ACPI, I2C and CFG Lock/Unlock settings. I managed to change some settings using the setup_var method with modified GRUB, however it it would be appreciable if someone was able to tell me which method should I use to unlock those without bricking the device (I have no experience about InsydeH2O BIOS, I only know about AMI BIOS and I have some trouble understanding how to mod this BIOS, sorry…).

Here are the BIOS update files where I am not sure which file I should mod and how to flash it after that : B10717

Here is the extracted txt from IFRExtractor PE

I hope someone will be able to explain what I should do to mod this BIOS, sorry if there is a guide I didn’t follow, I tried my best using the search function…

Thanks in advance

EDIT : About the logo part I found the original logo to have the GUID : 166BACEC-6793-4F38-213F-DE0BEF4FEF97 using a bin dump, should I replace it with the desired logo using UEFI Tool, then flash the dump using H2OFFT or any other way ?