[Problem] Restore Point on Dual-Boot Configuration

Hello forum. After installing windows xp, i ran into a problem, system restore points in windows 7 someone in removes, after visit to windows xp, how to solve a problem?

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It is not easy to understand what you mean. Please explain, what you have done and what happened thereafter.
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Hello Fernando! After installing win xp, I found that the restore points to windows 7 already absence. I created yet one restore point, after starting XP, i am again run windows 7 to check restore point, her again none. Probably these OS conflict.

The problem is caused by the fact, that the "Restore Point" of a system drive is only able to get the current drive C and the related boot sector.
As soon as you install a second OS, the previously taken "Restore Point" will be unusable, because you have now a drive C with another OS and the boot sector has been changed as well.
If you want to create a Dual-Boot OS configuration and to set a "Restore Point" of your Win7 installation inclusive the boot sector, you should do the following:
1. Install both Operation Systems in the order XP > Win7 to get the final boot sector with the dual-boot option.
2. Set a "Restore Point" from within Win7.

@Fernando it didn’t help me, i did everything right, The problem is that Windows XP has access to the folder: “System Volume Information”, of hard Drive Win 7, me need to block access to the folder on windows xp, so that she could not to delete the restore point.

I have no idea how to solve your specific problem.
My advice: Once both Operation Systems are installed and running fine, make a backup of both system drives and the (usually hidden) boot sector. Then store the complete backup outside of your PC.