[Problem] ROG G701VIK - lost Serial Number after having flashed unlocked BIOS

I have asus Rog g701vik I reflash unlocked bios . Then everything was great but I watch video on YouTube to optimize ur bios and applied video’s settings and. Save and rest then my laptop top not lunch again then I go to technical he reflash my bios but after reflash my serial number not found and ssd not dedicated and xmp ram not dedicated on gaming center after windows how can I fix all this problems

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@Shady_mohamed : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Your problem certifies the importance of creating a dump from the system’s BIOS Region and to store it outside the PC/Mobile system before trying flash any modded BIOS.
It is much safer to modify the dump of your system’s specific BIOS Region and to re-flash it after the desired modification than to flash a BIOS, which had been modded by someone else for another system.
Although I cannot help you, I wish you good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Mr alias Fernando I take dumb file before I send it to programer person but how to flash it .rom file in asus laptop


@Shady_mohamed :
>Here< is a guide about how to flash a modded ASUS BIOS and >here< is a description about how to flash a modded BIOS Region into the mainboard’s BIOS chip by using a programmer.

Mr Fernando I reflash it but when deleting raid 0 the windows installed very easy but I have problem intel mangment interface engine not installing too