Problem trying to change display mode from portrait ti landscape

Hello, I have a Chuwi hi10 pro with the Intel cherry trail x5 z8350 and I wanted to change the default display mode to landscape modifiying the gop vbt settings.

The problem is that when I change the settings using the Intel binary modification program(BMP) it returns no display.

Here are some screenshots:

Old vbt:


New vbt:


I don’t think the problem is with your GOP VBT
my Hi8 Pro only replaces the VBT of the same model, it can’t be displayed(unable to power on),I suspect that the AMI BIOS of z83xx has integrity check(It’s like insyde

@Sylar76 can probably help you @NothingToSay - but you’d have to link the vBIOS/GOP you are editing first.