[Problem] Virtualization is Enabled within the BIOS, but doesn't work

I’m having a hard time solving this here, I’m trying to enable virtualization on my computer so that I can enjoy higher performance with emulators.

I already enabled virtualization in my mother’s BIOS and saved and started the system and nothing detected by windows, as you can see in the screenshot, it shows that the programs that is disabled and also do not recognize the enabled virtualization. I have already done the procedure to enable the hyper-v feature but I get this message ‘‘Hyper-v cannot be installed: support for virtualization is disabled in the firmware’’ I have already disabled virtualization and started windows and restarted and enabled virtualization again and no big deal, I’ve disabled and enabled a long time… and the same thing. I’ve seen some resources talking about this that talk about doing the same procedure to activate them all and not why this message appears.

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Unbelievable… how do you expect that some one can help with no information on the hardware of the system?
A messy description in a full testament thats it… ‘‘Does the processor support virtualization?’’ yes thats a good question for the specified processor… we may have a hard time identifying the model…
What screnshots…

EDIT: CPU check, now thats shity motherboard, brasilian barebones/re-branded offcourse, good luck with that. Stick with Brazilian forums… you may have better chances.

EDIT: As always Google is your friend…even for lazy people: https://www.clubedohardware.com.br/forum…a%C3%A7%C3%A3o/

I already uploaded the screenshots