[Problem] Which BIOS for Unknown B250C/B250 BTC MBs?

Hello. I purchased some generic bitcoin mining motherboards off ebay and I need to update the bios. They are giving me a ton of issues that I’ve nailed down to be bios related. The problem is the boards are labeled as OEM in system settings and using the AMI tool for finding the board info on AMI’s website gave me a D7 error (meaning it cant figure it out). How would you suggest going about figuring out what bios I need and if this is a generic version of a board from a different company (such as colorful), can I use that bios? Also is there a way for me to back up the existing bios and reflash it if the system bricks? Thank you. below is the ebay listing I purchased the boards from ebay.com/itm/403366148692?var=673403645721

Edit by Fernando: Thread title specified and ebay link corrected

If the boards aren’t labeled, then I wouldn’t trust them (especially if you got it off EBay).

I also found the BIOS for the B250 here, it doesn’t look like the one, but if it is let me know.
I can’t find any BIOS for the B250C, but I will keep looking

i may have found the one you need, see if its the one you need
get it here

Im pretty sure neither of those are it. The BIOS on these boards is much less fancy. The systems rn are remote so I cant take pictures but this is very close to what I have imgur ,com/a/148wH2t. If I were to flash something like this with 1 of those bioses would it brick the system? Also somebody gave me an idea to take a working bios from another board, back it up, and flash that. Of the 10 boards I have around 3 of them aren’t experiencing issues so u think that can work?

I think it’d work, as long as it’s the same board, give it a shot and report back the results