[Problem] Win10 Freezes while Booting

not sure if this is the correct place to post this if not please move it.
dell precision m4600
i7 2760qm
8 gb ram 2x4
am facing this problem on windows 10 that on cold boot it freezes on the windows logo and spining dots.
it was working fine before on 1809-1909 and last 21h2
. but i faced another problem before this that got fixed but after the fixed now i face this am not sure what could be the reason or how to fix.

it was working fine until one day when i decided to clean install windows 10 got official iso image and used rufus for usb. when it booted from the usb started the installation and it copied all files as you know when this is done the pc will auto restart automatically after 8 seconds, then restarts and starts installation you add name and password ect and takes you to desktop. well for me after it restarted it froze at the dell logo. pressing f12 or any key would do nothing i would not go past he dell logo. the blue bar will fill up then freeze. could not enter bios or diagnostic laptop was bricked. after many search on the web here i found someone with the same laptop model and the problem and he fixed by manually flashing the bios with programmer ch34a1.

so i bought the programmer got the clamp with and decided to get it fix as well. but here comes more problems. am a newbie. there are 2 chips and 2 files for bios. so when i was readinf the chips i manage to read 1 of them and attempting to read the other one i could not grab the chip anymore with the clamp. it wore off the plastic. so while i was trying i removed 1 or 2 resistors smd next to the chip. lucky i had older board. since i live in small town i suffere from panic attacks i have no income and rarely go to city. i took both motherboards and have a local shop solder the missing resistors on the board am planning to use. i was told it had to have a thermal station something like that not really sure. so he did solder the missing resistor or transistor on the other board . he also removed both chips. wich he then solder them to the programmer. i took them home and program it both chips and had him solder them back on the mother board.

i assembled back the laptop and the freeze on dell logo was fixed. now i could go into bios. get past the dell logo and got it to boot into windows remeber it never completed installation so booted to windows installation to complete add name or password but i decided to stope it and decided to do a clean installation.
so here is where am facing this new problem.

windows 10 freezes at the windows logo and spining dots.

i did i clean installation added name and password and booted to desktop not connected to wifi.
i create a new system restore point. i can use laptop just fine. i can restart laptop and takes me to desktop and works fine.
but if i shut down laptop and turn it on thats when i face the windows logo spining dots then freeze never gets to log in screen. force it to enter advanced recovery. in there i can go to restore point and restore created point it would restore the created point finish and restart and laptops enters to desktop just fine.
if i enter to advanced recovery and then enter safe mode boot to desktop fine. if i do a restart it also takes me to desktop fine normal mode.
so it only happens when i shut down laptop it freezes.
i have updated windows upto date and still face this. do stress test all fine. do benchmark on both video cards and work fine temps are fine.
in dell diagnostics it passes all tests.
it does this on win 8.1 win 10 and even tried win 11 all freeze at spining dots
but i also tried windows 7 pro. and on win 7 i dont face this i can restart and or turn off laptop and always boots to desktop…
been trying to find out why for 2 weeks aready please help.
could it be related to ressistor smd that got removed.? or the bios flashing.?

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no can help.??

HDD issue, Intel ME issue or corrupted windows installation, better get a spare disk and do a fresh install for debug purposes

i was told by the shop they could not find the cause why it freezes at windows logo. they have used another ssd. ram checked. would like to take it to anther shop. i dont know any place. because this is in the city. i had someone drop the laptop there. but hes out of state.

Another possibility… is an hw failure in the motherboard, GPU/iGPU or PCH/Memory Controller, no miracles here on aging 2nd Gen Core from 2011…

then ill leave it on win 7 as in win 7 it works just fine. (had win10 working a long time). no issues there. i have no idea why on win7 is fine while 8.1 or 10. this happens…must be somethiing they changed how 8.1 and up work.

If it works with Win7 and D3D is enable, then its Win 10 driver issue.

on win 7 with generic drivers pc boots to desktop. can turn off pc or restart all works fine

if i install hd 3000 and nvidia quadro 2000m drivers. same pc boots to desktop and can turn off or restart pc all works fine. (i dont face freeze at start up.)

can run this benchmark https://benchmark.unigine.com/heaven i have run the benchmark fine .i also have switch to integrated hd 3000 run the benchmark fine.
i noticed fps are lower on intel hd it should be… switch to nvidia gpu benchmark runs fine and have more fps.

now as you know on win 10 clean install boots to desktop fine with generic drivers.a if i restart pc boots to desktop. but if i turn off pc next boot freezes at win 10 logo and spinning circle.

if i either boot to desktop on advanced recovery by either entering safemode and do a restart in safemode boots to desktop. or if choose created restore point when it boot it the first time after clean install boots fine.
if i install hd 3000 and nvidia drivers after restart boots fine. can run bench mark fine and also switch hd 3000 and nvidia and run benchmark it works fine…

not 100% sure about this as i cant remember clearly. that when drivers are installed, and next time pc is turned off, then power on. i get a dark blank screen no windows logo.

so win 10 generic drivers after shut down it freezes at spining circle.
win 10 installed drivers. after shut down dark blank screen no win 10 logo.

So if im not mistaken, with the OOB w10 drivers all ok but when newly NVidia drivers only installed, the system halts at win 10 boot logo, correct?
What drivers version you’re installing in Win 10, for the HD3000 and Quadro (Theres a lot of K/M/2xxx… series, exact model name on OS and the HW id)

EDIT: K2000M it seems… there’s 2 drivers branches from NVidia, the R415 U2 (416.78) and a more recent one R418 U9 (426.78) WHQL
For the HD3000, the or even maybe the (Preferably this one).

no thats not what is happenig. sorry to not make myself clear.
clean installed win 10. it boots to desktop and on clean install uses generic drivers. created restore point.

with generic drivers if i restart pc boots to desktop. if i turn off pc next power on freeze at spinning circle.

if enter advanced recovery. and use created restore point boots to desktop. (has generic drivers). if i install graphics drivers. and restart boots to desktop. if turn off next power on. blank screen after pc completes post and should load win 10 only blank dark screen.

nvidia https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverRe…px/130177/en-us

for hd 3000 i have this win64_152824 its EOL win 7/8/8.1

but i also faced freeze after windows update updated both drivers. i remember i clean installed and run windows update. had it upto date next morning faced with freeze on logo.

K2000M i believe K is for desktop. mine only is quadro 2000m. for laptop
i think i also used hd 300 drivers from windows update catalog
on windows 10 update catalog there are 4 drivers all uploaded at the same time but files size is different. not sure wich one i should used. but i picked the biggest size. around 99mb.