Problem with ASUS H310m r2 bios password

Hi all, I have been trying to modify the bios on the asus motherboard for days.

I will briefly describe my “problem”

In order to update Windows 11 via Intune, each of my computers must have a TPM module.

I use OEM computers with ASUS PRIME-H310M-R-R2 motherboards. A huge number of computers are involved.

Intune does not recognize the TPM module because it is disabled by default in the BIOS.

on Asus’s official website, there is an option to download the “PRIME H310M-R R2.0 BIOS 2208” bios upgrade, which automatically turns on TPM 2.0.

Somehow, I would manage to deploy and install the bios on that large number of computers via Intune, but I have one problem.

Passwords are set in the BIOS on all motherboards, and during installation and computer reboot, password entry is required. 90% of users are working remotely from home …

Is there a way and is there anyone on the forum who could help me with this… can the BIOS be overwritten from windows.

I already tried to do it with the AMI AFU program and reviewed all the instructions and tutorials that I found here and on the internet, but without success. Is there anyone who could do this modification for me?