Problem with flashing back a modded ASUS BIOS

Hi to all,

today I took care of my Mom’s notebook (clean install, ME update). It’s an ASUS R700VJ with BIOS K45VM-AS.230 which I downloaded and modded successfully by using UBU. The problem is flashing it back: as the newest BIOS was already installed the EZ-Flash tool does not do it. I get the error that the build date is too old (also with untouched BIOS) so I guess flashing same version is not possible with that tool. I also made a backup of the BIOS region with Intel’s FPT (fpt -bios -d biosbck.bin) and used the biosbck.bin file for modding with UBU. But when I try to flash back the modded file with FPT (fpt -bios -f biosbck.bin) the verification after the flash procedure fails and after a restart nothing has changed. I don’t know what else to do…

Thanks in advance hanson

Use AMISCE to disable BIOS Lock and flashing BIOS region ith FPT will not fail.

Thanks but is not working. I says no access to the Hii.db or something like that

You could try AFU /GAN method described here, but it’s very risky on notebooks and may lead to bricked BIOS easily.
Just drop it, if this PC is not meant for experiments. I still can’t the need to update anything if old versions are working normally…

I had to change bios language back to english. Had it set to german before.
After that all correct locks were in nvram.txt.