Problem with RAID 1

Hi dears! Please help me - a laptop ROG G751JL, it supports RAID 0, but not RAID 1… Can you in some way to fix this? Thank you in advance!

@Witos :
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How did you try to create a RAID0 array?
Why do you want to switch from RAID0 to RAID1 at all? This doesn’t make much sense for a laptop.
Why did you post your request into the BIOS modding section of the Forum? A RAID1 array uses the same BIOS module as a RAID0 array.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

I’m sorry for my English - Google translator. Raid0 I don’t need, although the possibility of its creation in the BIOS is, it should be a mirror (set 2x2tb hdd), this notebook will not be used as a “gaming”. I wrote it in this section because the chipset hardware must support a raid1, but since there is no choice in the BIOS, I thought it can be circumvented by using firmware modding …

Before you are able to create a RAID1 array, you have to delete the current RAID0 array, with the consequence, that all data of the array will be lost forever.
So I recommend to backup your important data first. Then you can run the Intel RAID Utility, break the old array and create the desired RAID1 array.

You did not understand me, hard to explain without knowing the English language … but I will try - there is a laptop with two empty hard drives, choose in the BIOS sata mode - raid, reboot into the BIOS again, I go into the raid setup and there is only reyd0, in intel rapid, no matter what version I have installed, there is no general raid setup. here and there was a question about the firmware mod …

If there should be no option to delete resp. to break an already existing RAID0 array or to choose another sort of RAID array (like RAID1), I cannot help you, because then everything is preconfigured by the manufacturer of the laptop and layed down within a system BIOS module. It is very difficult to find this module and extremely risky to modify it.
Mobile systems generally have very limited BIOS options.

We’ll keep thinking. Thank you for participating.